Explosion lights up sky over Queens, New York

Explosion lights up sky over Queens, New York

Explosion lights up sky over Queens, New York

Videos and photos of the light blue sky spread online as locals attempted to figure out the source of the conflagration.

Americans have been baffled by a mysterious blue light that illuminated the night sky in New York City. The fire was under control as of 9:40 p.m.Con Edison said an electrical fire caused a transmission dip in the area. "Many flights are departing, some are not", the airport wrote on its Twitter account, later adding that power was back in "all terminals" and advising passengers to check with airlines for flight status information.

"*Not* aliens. Blown transformer at Queens Con-Ed facility", Eric Phillips, the mayor's press secretary, tweeted, "Scattered power outages, including LGA".

Con Edison confirmed there had been a fire at a power substation in Queens, saying on Twitter that it was working with the New York Fire Department and would provide further details later. There are no other significant reported power outages at this time. Power has since been restored but not before Delta Air Lines Inc. and American Airlines diverted some of their flights to nearby airports.

Instead, the light came as part of a brief electrical fire after a "couple of transformers tripped offline" at the intersection of 20th Avenue and 32nd Street in Astoria, Con Edison spokesman Bob McGee told CNN. 'Passengers are able to de-plane via stairs.

CBS Newspath senior producer Heather Scott reported from Astoria that the sky turned "super bright blue" and it "looked like daylight outside".

All Federal Aviation Authority facilities were on generator power, FAA spokesman Greg Martin said.

A man named Nick Riccardo shared a video of the actual explosion as it took place outside his window.

Karol Markowicz said: 'Wtf if this insane bright blue light over Brooklyn?!?'

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