Bird Box lift for Netflix

Bird Box lift for Netflix

Bird Box lift for Netflix

More than 45 million accounts streamed the film in the first seven days following its release.

But Netflix can be pretty opaque about streaming numbers, and the tweet above is no exception.

And is there any way to say what portion of that audience would make the effort of going to a theater and buying a ticket to "Bird Box"?

It's possible more people will take the #birdboxchallenge in 2019, as the film has reportedly been viewed on more than 45 million Netflix subscriber accounts since it became available for streaming on December 21.

On a special episode of Collider's horror podcast The Witching Hour, Haleigh Foutch and Perri Nemiroff offer their thoughts on Bird Box, from their favorite moments to the parts that strained credulity. That seems a little high: Netflix has somewhere north of 137 million subscribers.

The Verge got Netflix to go on the record, though.

45 million in its first week is obviously huge and Netflix also revealed that it was the "best first 7 days ever for a Netflix film". That's a fair bit of Bird-watching! For example, the 45 million figure doesn't identify exactly how many people watched the film.

But recall as well that Netflix's 137 million accounts include about 58 million US -based accounts, leaving about 79 million accounts overseas.

Bird Box is taking over everyone's holiday season, and with that comes the knowledge that not everyone is well versed in the career of Sandy B. One of our greatest living actresses, Sandra Bullock has had quite the career in Hollywood and continues to make incredible movies. As many pointed out, with the amount of viewers who share accounts, there really is no telling how many actual people have seen Bird Box.

Being clear-eyed about Netflix's Twitter brags doesn't mean that we have to be unimpressed with Bird Box's success. We can take issue with the nitty-gritty numbers, but Bird Box's big debut is an important reminder of the power of Netflix's original content strategy and its straight-to-streaming approach.

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