Huawei punishes staff after iPhone used for official Happy New Year tweet

Huawei punishes staff after iPhone used for official Happy New Year tweet

Huawei punishes staff after iPhone used for official Happy New Year tweet

Facepalm: Did you send out "Happy New Year" messages on social media?

Unfortunately, the tweet got stamped with "via Twitter for iPhone" in the process.

Demand has been particularly low in Greater China, Apple revealed, as the country's economy is slowing and competition from local brands like Huawei is on the rise.

The reason a VPN (virtual private network) client was needed in the first place is naturally China's censorship of Twitter, as well as Facebook, Google, and many other popular Western web services. As is usually the case when something like this happens, users noticed the "Twitter for iPhone" footnote on the tweet and turned what should have been an innocuous post into quite the hot topic.

Reuters said it was able to obtain an internal company memo that detailed how the incident took place, as well as its aftermath.

The mistake is said to have occurred due to Huawei's outsourced social media handler, Sapient, experienced "VPN problems" on the desktop PC it uses to send out tweets.

A number of Chinese companies have announced corporate policies in support of Chinese tech giant Huawei's products while shunning Apple's iPhones since Huawei's chief financial officer was arrested in Canada earlier this month on suspicion of fraud. Huawei was embarrassed before when a "mobile spokesperson" blurted out a Huawei ad from their personal iPhone.

Wednesday was the first time that Apple issued a warning on its revenue guidance ahead of releasing quarterly results since the iPhone was launched in 2007. The memo says that among the two punished is the company's digital marketing director, who will have his pay grade reduced for an entire year for lack of managerial oversight. Hu explained his brand choice saying that his supportive comments do not mean that he advocates taking action against foreign brands.

Tensions with Huawei especially have reached new heights since its CFO, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested in Canada last month at Washington's request, on suspicion of engaging in conspiracies to defraud multiple financial institutions and contravene United States sanctions on Iran, Sputnik reported.

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