Senator Elizabeth Warren vows to fight hard for working families

Senator Elizabeth Warren vows to fight hard for working families

Senator Elizabeth Warren vows to fight hard for working families

The former first lady released her memoir Becoming late previous year and it took just 15 days for it to become the highest-selling book published in the U.S. in 2018.

ASMA KHALID, BYLINE: Hey, Michel. The middle class is getting hollowed out. A few hours earlier, in Sioux City, she declared, "Washington keeps working great for those with money, but not for anyone else". "It's time for our country to move beyond that".

'Tribes - and only tribes - determine tribal citizenship, and I respect that difference'.

Warren's desire to be relatable came full circle during her trip to Iowa, in which she awkwardly "admitted" to purchasing things on Amazon when asked about internet regulation.

Perhaps more noteworthy, Warren also snapped up operatives fresh off victories in November's midterm elections who had been wooed by other prospective presidential candidates. Warren will have to differentiate herself from Sanders so that they aren't fighting over the same voters. And so what it comes down to for a lot of folks, like Richard Malloy from Sioux City, is just somebody who can beat Donald Trump. "I want a very strong Democrat to run against Trump". There's some really scummy politicians out there, like, in my opinion Donald Trump.

"Iowa was devastated in the farm crisis in the 1980s when I grew up there and they understand what it's like to be left behind, to have the economy shift and have the ground fall out underneath you, and Warren understands that", said Katie Porter, a newly elected California congresswoman, in an interview outside a swearing-in day reception for Warren at the Capitol. But you have to be firm.

"The direction we go will in part be set right here in Iowa", Warren told the crowd at her final event in Des Moines where she addressed her hoarse voice.

JEAN MCGINNIS: I'm looking for somebody with broad appeal so that we can pull in some of the independents and the Republicans.

"Now I can't stop Donald Trump from what he's gonna do, I can't stop him from hurling racial insults", Warren said. Scott Brown in 2012, and legislation she passed that will drastically lower the cost of hearing aids. "But I still don't know enough about Sen". Maybe it backfired on her a little bit. Democrats there will not pick a presidential candidate in the caucuses for 13 months. Some Democrats in other states say the party ought to forget about winning Trump voters back and, instead, focus on boosting turnout among minorities. The formation of the committee allows Warren to begin fundraising and hire campaign staffers before her official announcement. She believe its time for Democrats to end their dependence on corporate donors.

The 76-year-old media company founder, who also contemplated a 2016 run, has made clear his plans to get climate change front and centre of the 2020 contest regardless of whether he stands. They want to see more candidates.

KHALID: That's Marilynn Leggio.

Warren became emotional as she described her frustration at witnessing the Trump administration's border security policies.

After cracking open a bottle the Democratic senator for MA introduced her husband, Bruce. But she's not sure, after what happened with Hillary Clinton, whether a woman can win. Took a while, but I am just going to put it all out there. "It's too early for me to say".

Seemingly unperturbed by the question, Warren said that she was "glad for us to have a chance to talk about it".

KHALID: But even if voters, including Leggio, can not agree on exactly what this idea of electability means, they point to a common trait - authenticity, someone who just feels real, whether or not that alienates people.

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