TSA Screeners Are Calling in Sick

TSA Screeners Are Calling in Sick

TSA Screeners Are Calling in Sick

The partial government shutdown is causing new concerns for air travel. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of NY said the president told them Friday he's prepared for the shutdown to last months or years. Remaining workers have had to work extra hours to cover the gaps, according to CNN.

Union officials predicted the number of agents calling out from work would increase if the government remains partially shut down. For instance, the TSA recommends travelers take items out of their pockets and put them in a carry-on bag before they go through security in order to speed things along and make sure nothing gets left behind.

The number of TSA workers calling in sick is two to three times the routine number at Dallas-Ft.

After a recent CNN report that call-ins have shot up, more than doubling in some cases and affecting four major airports, TSA and its parent agency initially denied the problem existed, and are now downplaying its scale.

That means that if the shutdown continues, it's bound to get worse.

"While call outs have increased nationwide, right around this time of year, right around Christmas that's not unusual", Bilello said.

Most federal workers are paid every two weeks.

At Sea-Tac Airport, Transportation Security Administration officers are showing the strains of working without a paycheck and some are threatening to quit.

At New York's JFK, for instance, more than 170 TSA employees have called out each day this week.

The TSA falls under the Department of Homeland Security, one of several federal departments that have been without funding since December 21 when a stopgap spending bill expired.

"Security effectiveness will not be compromised and performance standards will not change", he told the Times. 'Overall, 99.8 percent waited less than 30 minutes'.

TSA previously has said officers will eventually be compensated. "@spoxdhs & @realdonaldtrump may not like the truth but that won't stop us from reporting", the news outlet wrote, adding the hashtag "FactsFirst".

The airline declined to comment about the delays and the possible effects the government shutdown may be having on travel.

President Donald Trump and congressional leaders met Friday at the White House and are no closer to resolving the impasse. Democrats, empowered by a decisive victory in last year's midterm elections, have dismissed Trump's demands.

Other passengers said the delays at LaGuardia, which is under a massive rebuilding construction project already, reached a new low. He said the growth "without commensurate increases in the size of our Transportation Security Officer workforce ... has impacted both training and morale". Government officials called the so-called "sick-out" non-existent. Yesterday, TSA screened over 2.2 million passengers.

And that will happen if the shutdown continues, a union official from Dallas-Fortworth International Airport told CNN.

If you have a flight to the USA coming up, you might want to give yourself a little extra time at the airport. Fewer TSA agents will undoubtedly mean longer lines.

Airports struggling with manpower issues could also opt to loosen standards for checked baggage based on a theory that people would not bring a bomb onto their own flights because the explosion would kill them, too.

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