China: Hammer-wielding man injures 20 children in Beijing school

China: Hammer-wielding man injures 20 children in Beijing school

China: Hammer-wielding man injures 20 children in Beijing school

An alleged disgruntled worker used his hammer to attack 20 children inside a Beijing primary school Tuesday before officials were able to end the rampage and arrest him. His contract was set to expire this month and had not been renewed.

Police in the Xicheng district of the city said in a statement on Weibo that they had detained a 49-year-old male suspect surnamed Jia, who was a former fix worker at the school.

According to the Beijing Affiliated Elementary School of Xuanwu Normal School website, it has 2,537 students and 199 teaching personnel.

According to local news outlets, a video circulating on Chinese social media shows a head teacher saying that the attacker worked at the same school.

A film of a meeting between school staff and parents soon after the incident circulated widely on social media, in which parents were told a "school worker" had carried out the attack on second grade pupils.

Police in Xicheng, a major district of Beijing, declined to comment when reached by phone. All of the injured children are receiving hospital treatment.

Nine students were stabbed to death outside a school in Shaanxi province last April in an attack which was carried out by a former student seeking revenge for having been bullied.

"The details are still not clear", one parent wrote on WeChat.

The agency also noted that violent crime is rare in China but there has been a series of knife and axe attacks in recent years, many targeting children.

The 39-year-old assailant slashed students while they were returning to the classroom after morning exercises.

In 2010, almost 20 children were killed in knife attacks outside school gates. In November, five people were killed when a vehicle plowed into a crowd of children outside a northeastern Chinese kindergarten.

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