Saudi woman 'under the care' of United Nations agency: Thai official

Saudi woman 'under the care' of United Nations agency: Thai official

Saudi woman 'under the care' of United Nations agency: Thai official

The UN'srefugee agency said on Tuesday it was investigating the case of Saudi teenager Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun who fled from her family and barricaded herself inside a Bangkok airport hotel to prevent Thailand expelling her.

Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun arrived at Bangkok's main airport over the weekend on a flight from Kuwait after running away from her family who she alleges subjected her to physical and psychological abuse.

"Thai authorities have lied to me [.] They told me I can't ask for United Nations protection but they are not allowing United Nations to reach me [.] I think they are trying to get me to eat the food to drug /roofie me to ship me back to Kuwait", Alqunun wrote on Twitter Monday.

Rahaf Mohammed Alqunan barricaded herself in a hotel room at an worldwide airport in Bangkok, Thailand to avoid deportation.

Robertson also said there's been clear coordination between the Thai government and the Saudis on her.

Qunun posted dozens of tweets and live videos in English and Arabic, some describing how she had barricaded herself in a hotel room. She said she was once locked in a room for six months because she had cut her hair in a way that her family did not approve of.

The Saudi national said she was fleeing her abusive family, seeking asylum in any western country that would have her. "No one from the embassy has met with her", he said. The woman revealed that she wanted to seek a refugee status in "any country that would protect me from getting harmed or killed due to leaving my religion and torture from my family".

Alqunun says they took her passport and forced her to come with them.

Initially, Thai authorities said Qunun would be sent back to Saudi Arabia.

The Australian government said it would closely monitor the case, calling Ms Mohammed al-Qunun's allegations "deeply concerning".

In her initial social media pleas, the Saudi teen said her family was powerful in Saudi society but she did not identify them.

However, Hakparn made an abrupt about-face the next day, following a global media frenzy as the young woman pleaded on Twitter for different countries to help her.

Qunun told the world of her dramatic plight on social media, drawing widespread support and concern, which convinced Thai authorities to back down from deporting her back to Saudi Arabia.

@rahaf84427714 just sent from her hotel room at the #Bangkok airport.

Maj. Gen. Surachate Hakparn says that after the father of Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun arrives, officials will see what happens and whether or not she will want to go back with him.

The Thai immigration chief said on Monday the embassy had alerted Thai authorities to the case, and said that the woman had run away from her parents and they feared for her safety.

Charge d'Affaires Abdul-Ilah Al-Shuaibi told Saudi Gazette the Saudi girl, who claims to have fled from her family to Thailand for reasons of family violence, had used her presence in Kuwait to escape. He has said she will not be forcibly sent back to Saudi Arabia.

"They will kill me", she said.

In 2017, Dina Ali Lasloom triggered a firestorm online when she was stopped en route to Australia, where she planned to seek asylum.

An airline security official reported seeing her dragged out of the airport with her mouth, hands, and feet bound with duct tape.

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