HTC Vive Cosmos VR Headset Breaks Cover at CES 2019

HTC Vive Cosmos VR Headset Breaks Cover at CES 2019

HTC Vive Cosmos VR Headset Breaks Cover at CES 2019

The latest addition to the HTC VR headset range now attracts your eye movements and renders imagery to where you're actually looking as opposed to the standard VR headsets would render graphics.

HTC has announced a new virtual reality (VR) headset called the Vive Cosmos. A visual technique known as "foveated rendering" is leveraged to render sharp images around wherever the human eye is focused on during a virtual scene, and correspondingly reduces the image quality around the peripheral vision. This essentially means one can choose an option or move from section of an app to another by just gazing, instead of using physical buttons. From higher res displays to inside-out tracking, there's always something that has to be done to deliver the near flawless VR experience. Eye tracking is integrated into the "MLB Home Run Derby VR" video game experience, allowing users full menu control without a traditional controller.

Facebook and Oculus are out there already, aiming for the regular users, as the Oculus Go and the upcoming Oculus Quest are two of the most affordable VR headsets.

For this device, HTC made new VIVE controllers work seamlessly with VIVE tracking system.

This is where the Vive Cosmo comes in. Be sure to stay tuned in to Windows Central for more updates about all the news around HTC Vive! Fans can experience the new Vive Pro Eye starting in 2019. A pre-existing service called Viveport VR subscriptions limited users to only five titles a month.

But no matter how great VR may be, we have to come back to reality sometime. Cosmos can still also be powered by a PC or a laptop, but it seems like mobile will be the next steps for VR functionality. Cosmos will be the first Vive headset to feature the "Vive Reality System", an entirely new design experience for VR. The Origin is the hub for things like Viveport Infinity.

The Vive Cosmos is the other new VR headset unveiled by HTC which has a more mass-market appeal to it and is designed easily of use and module-based customization in mind. It'll be launching on April 5th, which is also HTC's "Vive Day". To this end, the HTC Vive Pro Eye will be primarily focused on enterprise customers rather than the general videogame buying public, and will likely have a suitable price tag to match when it arrives in Q2 2019.

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