Netflix account sharing could be coming to an end

Netflix account sharing could be coming to an end

Netflix account sharing could be coming to an end

Basically, the service relies on a machine learning algorithm that can detect when users are sharing passwords to a single account amongst a group of people.

However British firm Synamedia's new Credentials Sharing Insight, exhibited at CES 2019, aims to "combat the rapid rise in account sharing between friends and families".

The Credential Sharing Insight software is available as a cloud or on-premise offering.

One survey found that 26 percent of millennials use the password from someone else's account to watch shows on an online streaming service. But if it's something a bit more harmless, like sharing a password with family members, the platform may send an email suggesting the customer upgrade to a premium account.

The software uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral analytics to look for activity it deems potentially fraudulent. Netflix allows its members to set up to five profiles on each account and limits usage of devices that can access Netflix at the same time by plans.

"For example, the solution can determine whether users are viewing at their main home and a holiday home, or whether they have shared credentials with friends or grown-up children who live away from home".

Synamedia says that until now, content providers have turned a blind eye to casual password sharing as it helps market their service to new audiences.

"Further to your article about Netflix account sharing, Netflix is not working with/partnering with Synamedia". Apparently, it's smart enough to know if the same user is simply watching content in different locations. According to a report by Parks Associate, users' habit of sharing passwords of streaming services with their friends could dent a whopping $9.9 billion to the industry by 2021.

"Many casual users will be happy to pay an additional fee for a premium, shared service with a greater number of concurrent users", Racine said. It is already being used in trials with a number of pay-TV operations, Synamedia said.

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