Fyre Festival caterer who wasn't paid raises $70K through donations

Fyre Festival caterer who wasn't paid raises $70K through donations

Fyre Festival caterer who wasn't paid raises $70K through donations

"I wasn't working for this one, I was working on our future goals with Fyre", she said. Numerous donations were less than $20.

But its organiser Billy McFarland failed to pay the staff for their time or resources.

As two Fyre Festival documentaries hit the airwaves, a couple who say their credit was ruined due to the Fyre Festival's lack of payment for their services have raised $54,381 at time of publication on GoFundMe.

If McFarland and his team knew anything, it was how to promote, and if any aspect of Fyre Festival was a complete success, it was the viral campaign that launched on December 12, 2016. "Just take it away and just let me start a new beginning. I was being busy for them and not thinking of me and getting my money".

"They also owe us for the cottages, which we never put in".

It focuses on the disastrous build-up to the 2017 event - which promised to be a exclusive party full of Instagram influencers, luxury food and music from big stars. The festival, which was supposed to take place on a private island in the Bahamas, instead turned out to be a nightmarish experience: Ticket-buyers, some of which dropped thousands of dollars to go, arrived to half-built tents, abandoned areas, and no musicians. What ensued was eight lawsuits with one seeking damages in excess of $100 million.

Festival creator Billy McFarland, who participated in Hulu's version of the Fyre Festival doc, is now currently serving a six-year prison sentence for wire fraud. "I went through about $50,000 of my savings that I could've had for a rainy day and they just wipe it out and never looked back", Rolle said in the documentary.

"SORRY to anyone who has been negatively effected by the festival (sic)".

After feeding guests, Fyre staffers and paying her staff, she was left $136,000 in the hole, including $50K from her life's savings.

A Bahamian caterer who is one of many Fyre Festival victims will finally get her funds back after criminal Billy McFarland scammed her and other Bahamians out of their hard-earned funds.

"We couldn't find the organizers. He cares", she told TMZ. "Nothing was done for us, not until now". In a statement released yesterday, UB said its president, Dr Rodney Smith, was taking legal advice on appropriate action in response to claims, and denied being directly or indirectly involved in the festival.

Watching the dueling documentaries, the thing that left me the most disturbed was the treatment of the Bahamian people.

A GoFundMe campaign was set up to raise funds for Rolle who claims she "was not paid".

Ja did bring up that Hulu paid McFarland for an exclusive interview, while also highlighting that social media company Fuckjerry were paid by Netflix for their involvement, according to the New York Daily News.

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