New twist in Ariana Grande 'barbecue grill' tattoo saga

New twist in Ariana Grande 'barbecue grill' tattoo saga

New twist in Ariana Grande 'barbecue grill' tattoo saga

Grande first opened up about the inspiration behind "7 Rings" in her Billboard "Woman of the Year" cover story in December.

There's always a risk when it comes to getting words tattooed on your body, with misspelling a phrase in your own language a very real possibility.

Ariana Grande has made her tattoo fail worse, with the botched ink now reading: "Japanese BBQ finger".

As fans know, earlier this week, the star shared the new tattoo she got in honor of "7 Rings" and what that song means to her. Though she tried to write the flub off as a simple incompletion, Grande went and got the tattoo "fixed" only to find out it's still wrong.

"Noooo don't do that", one comment read on Grande's now deleted Instagram post, "It means "Japanese small charcoal grill"!". Thanks to my tutor for helping me to fix and to [tattoo artist Kane Navasard] for being a legend. And Kotaku reported that because characters are sometimes read top to bottom and right to left, adding the new kanji character beneath the existing ones made the tattoo translate into nonsense.

Prior to the remix, 2 Chainz addressed the similarities by posting a clip of Grande's "7 Rings" video with a reference to Soulja Boy aka Big Drako.

While the tattoo is likely to fade away after some time due to its location, it appears Ariana will be stuck with her beloved "tiny charcoal grill" for a bit longer. BuzzFeed explains that if read left to right instead, it would translate into "charcoal barbecue grill finger (heart)". Even is it was, 七指輪❤️ still doesn't make a lot of sense.

However, according to one Twitter use, it's in the way you read it. For the aesthetic? Please.

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