Huawei to debut its 5G-capable folding phone at MWC

Huawei to debut its 5G-capable folding phone at MWC

Huawei to debut its 5G-capable folding phone at MWC

(Web Desk) - Huawei has unveiled a teaser image of the upcoming 5G Foldable smart-phone which will see the light on February 24 at 14:00 CET in Barcelona, Spain. The CEO also confirmed earlier this year that the launch of the device was still months away, instead focusing on the upcoming launch of the Galaxy S10 at their first Unpacked event for 2019. While Samsung and another Chinese phone-maker, Royole, have the screen fold in half like a book, Xiaomi made a decision to add a second fold.

Huawei has been far from quiet when it comes to its foldable device. However, in a folding or unfolding process, a flexible display panel is easily damaged due to bending or squeezing, and a service life of a mobile phone is greatly shortened. Among the things we don't know is if it will come equipped with the M-Pen, like the Mate 20 X gaming phone, as well as how it will fold.

Of course, given the current USA trade tensions with Huawei's home country of China and the company's legal woes here in the U.S., many of us may never get the chance to bend this particular model.

This could be potentially the first 5G fold able device available on the market and it will go well with the theme of MWC. Are you ready to reveal the unprecedented?

The image tweeted by Huawei today (Feb. 1) shows the corner of a foldable phone with the title "Connecting the future" over it.

Technically, the company promised “5G phones”, plural, so we might see a non-foldable phone as well. The company trademarked Mate F, Mate Flex, Mate Flexi, and Mate Fold names at the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) past year, and it's quite possible that the company will use one of those names for the upcoming foldable handset. Of course, it remains to be seen how convenient it will be to use a tablet without bezels at all, but from a concept point of view, this is the Holy Grail both for tablets and smartphones.

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