Rumour: Apex Legends Map Leaked Ahead of Reveal Stream

Rumour: Apex Legends Map Leaked Ahead of Reveal Stream

Rumour: Apex Legends Map Leaked Ahead of Reveal Stream

Respawn Entertainment has officially announced and released Apex Legends, a free-to-play battle royale shooter set in the Titanfall universe. Apex Coins are the only kind that can be purchased with real-world money, and they're used to buy Apex Packs (the game's equivalent of loot boxes), Legends (playable characters), and featured items.

Current king of the battle royale genre, Fortnite, supports cross-play across multiple formats and devices, as do multiplayer games Realm Royale, Dauntless and Rocket League. Players will select from one of eight Legends - each with their own unique abilities and playstyles - and the last team standing wins. Or did they? Respawn CEO tweeted a video of a bucket catching rain drops from a leaky roof, but I'm now convinced it alluded to the Apex Legends leaks being real and possibly a calculated PR move. Apex Legends seems to have the Titanfall name attached for now, but it still seems quite separate.

You'll play in teams of three in matches with up to 60 players, and as with other battle royale titles, your can revive your teammates from a downed state.

Several popular streamers previously under NDA were told they could share some photos and minor details regarding the game ahead of its November 4 reveal. He theorized that Repawn has chose to switch engines and that they hope that Apex Legends will satisfy fans until Titanfall 3 can be released. It should also be around the storefront, perhaps under the "All New Games" list. Power up your Xbox One, then head to the Microsoft Store.

If you fancy watching the Apex Legends live stream, you can do so below.

If this is the map, it certainly looks pretty standard for a Battle Royale experience, although the distances between named locations make the map look worryingly small. Not necessarily because it's just come out and is being downloaded a lot, which it certainly is, but also because it's actually tricky to locate in digital stores.

Once you've done that, load up Origin, and click on "Store" if it doesn't go there automatically.

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