Facebook Messenger adds unsend option with a long time limit

Facebook Messenger adds unsend option with a long time limit

Facebook Messenger adds unsend option with a long time limit

But now Facebook has rolled out a feature that allows users to delete messages from conversations after they've been sent. After that Facebook announced that the "un-send" feature will be available for all users in several months.

How to recall/unsend messages on Facebook Messenger 1.

In order to exercise your newfound message deletion powers, all you have to do is tap on a message in a conversation and select "remove".

When a message is deleted, it'll show a marker in the chat telling other users that it's been removed. The original and largely useless ability to delete a message only on your end still exists and has been renamed to "Remove for You". As of Tuesday, everyone will have the option to delete a message, from your view, as well as an entire group.

According to CNBC, the addition came after TechCrunch reported past year that messages the publication received from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared to have been deleted, while their messages remained. While that isn't the longest amount of time, it does offer a few moments for you to realize you maybe shouldn't have sent that awkward message.

Thanks to Facebook and other social networks, "what we're seeing is people having more power, and a long-term trend reshaping society to be more open and accountable over time", Zuckerberg writes in a new post. You'll then be prompted to either "remove for everyone or "remove for you".

For this, Facebook plans to spend more on safety and security that its whole revenue at the time of IPO.

Today, Facebook announced that the new unsend option is now rolling out to the Messenger app on Android and iOS.

Just recently, the social networking app was criticized for paying minors to access their phone data, the Deseret News reported.

It's pretty simple to use the new feature. But be warned, like WhatsApp, everyone in the chat will be alerted that the message was removed.

First, be aware that this method only works as of February 2019 with the latest Facebook Messenger app updates - so it won't work on the desktop Facebook website on your computer.

"We're working on making more of our messaging products end-to-end encrypted and considering ways to make it easier to reach friends and family across networks", a spokesperson told media.

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