Iraqi President Says Trump Did Not Ask Permission To 'Watch Iran'

Iraqi President Says Trump Did Not Ask Permission To 'Watch Iran'

Iraqi President Says Trump Did Not Ask Permission To 'Watch Iran'

Following a partial government shutdown over which tensions between Trump and Democratic leadership became white-hot, the president took a different tack with the address, highlighting progress in the economy and foreign policy and defense and calling on the nation to come together.

One of the other signature policy platforms that Trump highlighted as a candidate in the 2016 election was criticism of how long USA military forces have been fighting in wars in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and more recently, in Syria.

USA officials have said IS has lost 99.5 per cent of its territory in the region and holds on to less than five square kilometres in Syria near the Middle Euphrates River Valley. "Now, as we work with our allies to destroy the remnants of ISIS, it is time to give our courageous warriors in Syria a warm welcome home". But the troops have yet to start leaving Syria, and officials subsequently have said the military exodus would unfold over several months.

Top Donald Trump administration officials indicated today that U.S. bases in Iraq would have little role in monitoring Iran-backed proxies after the president vowed in a TV interview that American troops would stay in the country to "watch" Iranian forces.

Trump reiterated USA support for Juan Guaido, who has also received the support of a number of European and South American countries since declaring himself president last month.

But Zarif tweeted that "Iranians - and their Jewish compatriots - are commemorating 40 [years] of progress despite United States pressure" as the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution approaches on February 11.

"Mr. West, your former boss, Secretary Mattis, disagreed with the President's plan to withdraw from Syria".

The conference did not include representatives from Syria Bashar al-Assad or Russian Federation and Iran, which have said they are seeking to defeat the Islamic State group as they shore up his iron-fisted rule. "Currently, ISIS is regenerating key functions and capabilities more quickly in Iraq than in Syria, but absent sustained [counterterrorism] pressure, ISIS could likely resurge in Syria within six to twelve months and regain limited territory in the" Middle Euphrates River Valley.

A spokesman for Freeland said the minister is keen to talk to members of Congress about the importance of ratifying the new U.S. -Mexico-Canada Agreement, and the economic imperative of convincing the Trump administration to lift its tariffs on steel and aluminum.

President Donald Trump delivered the State of the Union address, with Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, at the Capitol in Washington, Feb. 5, 2019. Partners Britain, China, France, Russia and Germany have remained committed to the deal, along with Iran, and the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency has certified in multiple reports that Iran remains in compliance with measures meant to ensure it can not develop a nuclear weapon.

"To ensure this corrupt dictatorship never acquires nuclear weapons, I withdrew the United States from the disastrous Iran nuclear deal".

When the U.S. pulled out of the multilateral nuclear accord, Trump's administration touted that sanctions would put pressure on Iran to curb its missile programme and regional activities. He said the US will not relent in fighting remnants of the extremist organization despite his decision to withdraw USA troops from Syria over the objections of some of his most senior national security advisers. "We have spent more than $7 trillion in the Middle East". The move has received bipartisan pushback from officials and politicians who have feared an ISIS resurgence and growing Iranian influence in the region, but Trump said there were only "remnants" of the group left and, while "remnants can be very unsafe", he looked forward to welcoming US troops home.

IS fighters swept into Murad's village, Kojo, in August 2014, killing the men, taking children captive to train them as fighters and condemning thousands of women to a life of forced labour and sexual slavery. "It doesn't mean she's going to leave you, but it doesn't help".

He said that the USA "mission is unwavering, but we need your help to accomplish it, just as we've had over the past months and years".

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