Apex Legends hits another huge player milestone

Apex Legends hits another huge player milestone

Apex Legends hits another huge player milestone

In an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Respawn Community Manager Jay Frechette also confirmed "Technological Tracker" Bloodhound, whose real name, age, and homeworld are unknown, is either "non-binary, or at least non-specified, in terms of gender". Respawn Entertainment took a hell of a gamble with Apex Legends, releasing a fully playable battle royale experience without any warning prior to some leaks from influencers that had made the trek over to try the game out ahead of time.

Just a couple of days after it went live, "Apex Legends" has already raked in millions of players.

It's unclear what is causing tonight's outage or how long it might affect games like Apex Legends.

Brian Barnett is an IGN freelance news/features/wiki guides writer. The very next day, we told you that the free-to-play game had reached the milestone of 1 million players within the first eight hours of its release. Another reason we think that the game won't get a single player campaign anytime soon is that the game is primarily free to play. Check out the full thank you letter Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella posted to the game's fans.

Right now it looks like Apex Legends could be going the way of Fortnite and PUBG in terms of popularity, but we'll have to see how the next few months go. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Apex Legends launched as an online Battle Royale game but does the game have a Single Player mode? Also, this is just the beginning as the developer has promised that there's a lot more to come this year.

"If you're having trouble seeing your friends online or sending invites on Origin, we're looking into it, and we'll let you know when we have more info", the EA Support message reads. Big Twitch streamers like Dr. Disrespect, Shroud, and Myth are set to duke it out in Respawn's new free-to-play titan. But it's tough to know how numerous game's first wave of curious players were there for the fun - and how many were there to see just how much of a Titanfall game they could expect.

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