VA. LT. Gov. removed from DLGA after 2nd assault accuser comes forward

VA. LT. Gov. removed from DLGA after 2nd assault accuser comes forward

VA. LT. Gov. removed from DLGA after 2nd assault accuser comes forward

Protesters organized, reporters assembled and Democrats called for his ouster.

Meredith Watson came forward Friday alleging that Fairfax raped her 19 years ago while the two were students at Duke, describing the incident as "premeditated and aggressive" and noting they had been friends at the time in a statement released by her lawyer.

The drama following Virginia's state leadership is spiraling out of control as a second woman comes forward to accuse Fairfax of sexual assault.

If Northam steps down, as many critics have called for him to do, Fairfax would assume the governorship.

That's precisely why Virginia Democrats all jumped on the bandwagon for a resignation last night. Fairfax, 39, is first in line to succeed the state's embattled governor, Ralph Northam, a fellow Democrat under fire for admitted racially offensive behavior in 1984. "And I believe Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax must resign".

The Democratic party of Virginia called for the state's lieutenant governor, Justin Fairfax, to resign after two women accused him of sexual assault.

But the latest allegation of rape brought a torrent of demands for Fairfax to quit, including from all of the state House and Senate Democrats, the Legislative Black Caucus, former Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe and Virginia's two US senators, Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, both Democrats.

Norfolk native Joe Dillard said Northam should resign, and that the allegations against Fairfax should be investigated before discussing what consequences he should face. "I call for his immediate resignation".

Watson has requested that Fairfax resign. Fairfax and Herring also are Democrats. None of the lawmakers wanted to make the first move, and all operated behind the scenes to boost their own favor. The governor, also a Democrat, earlier this month admitted to using blackface, after the discovery of a racist image on his page in a decades-old yearbook. He has met African-American legislators and faith and community leaders, and has begun reading up on race - The Case for Reparations by Ta-Nahesi Coates, a few chapters of Roots by Alex Haley.

Justin Fairfax, the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, drinks before opening the state's Senate meeting during a session of the General Assembly in Richmond, Virginia, U.S, February 8, 2019. That openness dissipated as the week dragged on, as he rushed through the hallways of the Capitol and avoided questions on the graphic allegations against him.

"It is demonstrably false", Fairfax said. The memo states the firm has retained outside counsel to conduct an investigation and that Fairfax "has agreed to cooperate with the firm's investigation". Both Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring campaigned heavily in black areas, and were given entree into many communities by local officials, faith leaders, business owners and regular citizens. Tim Kaine said, "The allegations against him detail atrocious crimes". He called top Virginia Democrats, at times almost in tears, to apologize for the controversy and looked to move on by staying out of the limelight. And they're not going to do anything of the sort, although they may remind Virginia Democrats that due process and the presumption of innocence still applies.

After years of investment and work to turn the state into a blue enclave in the South, some anxious that the controversies of three men had lit that work on fire and set the party back significantly. Or should all three of them walk away and let principle prevail, even if the other party takes charge? "I think that is tough to explain to voters".

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