Demonstrators form ‘human wall’ at US-Mexico border after Trump’s tweet

Demonstrators form ‘human wall’ at US-Mexico border after Trump’s tweet

Demonstrators form ‘human wall’ at US-Mexico border after Trump’s tweet

"We evolved from a human wall to a physical wall and that was a good thing - it freed up manpower", Telles says.

"President Trump looks forward to visiting with the patriots of Texas who are on the front lines of the struggle against open border Democrats who allow drugs, crime, and sex trafficking all along our border every day", said Glassner. While lawmakers and the White House had appeared optimistic at the end of last week that negotiators were closing in on a deal, talks faltered over the weekend over Democrats' demands to limit the number of migrants whom authorities can detain.

"We are all challenged by a young man who lost an election to (Republican Senator) Ted Cruz", said Trump.

Trump met Monday afternoon with top advisers in the Oval Office to discuss the negotiations.

"The border city of El Paso, Texas, used to have extremely high rates of violent crime - one of the highest in the county, and considered one of our nation's most unsafe cities", Trump said in the address.

The march, organized by Women's March El Paso, is being billed as a "March for Truth: Stop the Wall, Stop the Lies".

An aide said that the deal did not include the $5.7 billion that Trump is demanding for the border wall, however. El Paso had low rates of crime for decades before a fence went up on the border - and if anything, crime went up slightly after it was built. "Walls work", the president said.

"With the eyes of the country upon us, all of us together are going to make our stand here in one of the safest cities in America, " O'Rourke said as music and cheers from Trump's rally blared onto the field.

Trump previously called for $5.7 billion in border wall funding.

Trump also railed against the New Green Deal, the plan recently introduced Democrats in the House of Representatives to tackle climate change.

Trump's comments about El Paso have already prompted multiple fact checks on his claims.

In a taped interview with Oprah Winfrey in NY, O'Rourke, 46, appeared to be leaning toward a 2020 campaign for the White House but said he would make his decision after consulting his wife and three children.

Trump tried to put the blame on Democrats as he left Washington, saying they didn't want to provide the bed space needed to detain risky people wanting to come into the U.S. But the work focuses nearly entirely on replacing existing barriers.

On immigration, Trump once again promised to build a border wall between Mexico and the United States.

"That may be the end of his presidential bid", Trump quipped, adding: "You're supposed to win in order to run".

Trump said fencing through the city had dramatically reduced crime by separating it from the troubled Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez, just across the border.

According to available Federal Bureau of Investigation crime statistics from the agency's Uniform Crime Reports, the rate of violent crime in the city spiked in 1993. "Now it's part of the process for border security, but it's not the total panacea".

The El Paso Times, responding to Paxton's claim last month, noted that violent crime in El Paso peaked in 1993 and dropped 34% between that year and 2006.

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