Will Smith as Genie is 'nightmare fuel'

Will Smith as Genie is 'nightmare fuel'

Will Smith as Genie is 'nightmare fuel'

Aladdin, which was directed by Guy Ritchie (known for films such as Sherlock Holmes and Snatch) will star Mena Massoud as the titular Aladdin alongside Will Smith as the Genie originally made iconic by the late, great Robin Williams. Disney and Smith assured everyone that, yes, Smith would be blue.

Be careful what you wish for. While it has to be hard to turn a beloved, blue cartoon character into one that looks remotely believable in real life, there's something about Smith's blue look that looks incomplete and nearly a bit creepy.

One fan stood up for the Fresh Prince of Bell Air, saying: "Sorry haters".

But the best bit comes right at the end as Aladdin, with Apu and a pixel-perfect CGI Magic Carpet right behind, rubs the magic lamp for the first time, unveiling the big handsome blue Smith.

Sadly, Disney fans have taken to social media to mock Smith's genie rendition.

Quartz's Adam Epstein summed this up pretty well in an article, writing that the trailer "proves that some things should stay cartoons".

A minute-long clip is an extension of the first original trailer. There's an assumption that a live-action remake is somehow an "upgrade", and that an animated film is somehow less-than. Aladdin, which released in 1992, became a classic and looks like this film as well may be a blockbuster in the pipeline. But, his blue color is hard not to miss.

"Are we sure this is Will Smith as Genie from #Aladdin and not #Avatar?" The consensus seems to be pretty clear - no.

"Well there goes my childhood it's been destroyed by Will Smith as the Genie", Caleb Wong wrote.

All will be revealed come May 24th, when the live-action Aladdin hits cinemas worldwide.

YouTuber Jenny Nicholson shared the same kind of guttural reaction to Smith's blue Genie as did Buchanan. "Aladdin." The first extended TV spot for Disney's "Aladdin" just debuted during the Grammys.

There was another place where the response to the Genie was nearly uniformly positive. I've seen the trailer several times and there is something off about the Genie that has me anxious about the character.

Aladdin is in theaters on May 24. The charismatic Will Smith, a beloved comedic and dramatic actor is his own right, is one of the few in Hollywood who has a chance of making it out of Williams' shadow.

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