Venezuelan challenger Guaido says he's working to renew ties with Israel

Venezuelan challenger Guaido says he's working to renew ties with Israel

Venezuelan challenger Guaido says he's working to renew ties with Israel

While speaking at a mass service Sunday, Guaido said it was "almost genocidal" for president Nicolas Maduro to block the aid as food an medicine waits across the border in Colombia.

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro has called on Britain to return "more than 80 tons of gold" reserves deposited in London instead of sending humanitarian aid, in an interview with the BBC.

Envoys for Venezuela's self-declared caretaker leader Juan Guaido met Vatican officials and lobbied the Italian government for support on Monday in their quest to keep global pressure on socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

Guaido, 35, also said he was establishing a second collection point in Brazil.

On a related matter, Tarre said that a small portion of the humanitarian aid now sitting in a warehouse in the Colombian border city of Cucuta will enter Venezuela "at the end of this week or the start of next week".

Venezuela's government has blocked the aid the United States sent to the country's border with Colombia.

Venezuelans have faced shortages of basic necessities such as food and medicines as the economy went into meltdown under Maduro's leadership.

He also said that Maduro does not know how to finance this alleged warlike scenario and this is one of the reasons why the presiding parliament has asked worldwide financial organizations not to deliver the assets of Venezuela to the government.

Guido's self-declaration was immediately recognized by the administration of US President Donald Trump, which also announced sanctions on Venezuela's oil industry to funnel income from the country's main oil exporter to Guaido. To do so, he will nearly certainly need the support of Venezuela's military.

Last week, Lester Toledo, Guaido's representative in the aid mission, suggested it could be moved by masses of people converging on the border to carry the food and medical supplies across. We're talking clearly and decisively, giving an order to the armed forces: "To allow the aid in". He said the United States supplies were sent in a showy display aimed at justifying a coup.

"The observation of the OAS is a guarantee, it has a great weight for the moral prestige of the organization and it has the technical capacity to help us set up a transparent process", Tarre told reporters after meeting in Washington with Francisco Guerrero, who leads the OAS Secretariat for Strengthening Democracy.

For his supporters, Guaido appeared to be something of a rockstar, as they desperately tried to take selfies and cheered emphatically every time he spoke or his name was mentioned. "Precisely so that they do not use the resources of Venezuela in continuing to arm the population", he added. "We want and are working for this to be as peaceful, least traumatizing and as quick as possible". Many people fear the opposition will run out of steam, that it will not be able to keep up the pressure on the streets or that the global community will soon turn to another trouble spot if it sees no development in Venezuela.

Guaido, who galvanized the opposition after several years of in-fighting, has vowed it will keep protesting to pressure Maduro to step down so new presidential elections can be held.

Last week, he also rejected a call by European Union countries to hold elections, prompting them to recognize Guaido.

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