'Captain Marvel' Review: A Good Penultimate For Phase 3

'Captain Marvel' Review: A Good Penultimate For Phase 3

'Captain Marvel' Review: A Good Penultimate For Phase 3

Says Boden: "One day, I hope Captain Marvel finds somebody that is a good support for her, be that male or female". Talos and his group of survivors represent only a small sector of the scattered Skrull population-in his own words, "this is just the beginning-there are thousands of us separated from each other, scattered throughout the galaxy". "It is surreal that the film is finally happening. That's flawless!" And we stopped looking for another actor. "Anyone you're running into, whether they're in the camera department or it's the five guys doing the crane or whoever, they're massive films - everyone's really nice, really professional".

Exactly right. There were a number of those by a number of different people, but that one, let's credit Anna, a hundred percent. Will we be seeing more of that going forward?

Released on International Women's Day, this superhero adventure is probably the first Marvel movie with a "nevertheless, she persisted" montage.

Wonder Woman's success certainly helped to open the door a crack, but the fact is, in the 10-plus years that we've been immersed in the current superhero boom, the lack of films centred on female characters has had a negative effect on young women.

Annette Bening spoke to HollywoodLife about starring in her first Marvel film, and it's safe to say, the iconic actress had the best experience! The movie not only has to winningly introduce one of the mightiest characters in comic-book history, but it also has to do it in a way that feels relevantly feminist without being too militant for mainstream audiences. Sure, characters like Black Widow, Shuri, and Scarlet Witch-just to name a few-were there to tide the fans over, but it just wasn't enough to wet our whistle. It reveals the origins of Goose in the pages of Captain Marvel (where he looks nearly identical but has a different name - Chewie!), how exactly he does what he does, and lets you know some of the other cool things Chewie has done in comics, which could be clues about potential sequel storylines for Captain Marvel 2. And if you have already, what did you think?

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Or perhaps there's a woman out there for Carol.

What happens: We're in the post-Infinity War days, as evidenced by a ten-figure "global missing" count on the wall of an Avengers facility. Brauner said, adding that Reggie always gets excited when it's time to go to work, especially if he gets to do action shots.

We have ideas for both.

So, will we see a group of Skrulls come storming in to stealthily attack the Earth sometime in the future?

In a general fashion. We're at a point now that we haven't been in in a while, where we only know the next two movies, Endgame and Spider-Man. You won't have to tell us. Because that was our focus, that's where we wanted the focus of the fan base to be on. As with many superheroes who have been around for over 40 years, she has gone through some changes, including (but not limited to) losing her powers, regaining her powers PLUS some, losing memories, having memories returned, time traveling, several romances, and a tweak or two to her origin story.

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