Nintendo Announces Labo VR Kit: Releasing April 12

Nintendo Announces Labo VR Kit: Releasing April 12

Nintendo Announces Labo VR Kit: Releasing April 12

Tonight the company announced the Nintendo Labo: VR Kit, a Labo kit that lets users build a VR headset out of cardboard.

The VR Kits for Nintendo Switch will be available on 12 April and cost $79.99 and $39.99 respectively (we're still waiting for United Kingdom prices). The main VR kit retails for $79.99 which contains all six of the toy-con projects including the afore-mentioned elephant, VR goggles, a blaster, camera, bird and a wind pedal.

Nintendo's two Labo VR sets will be available in the USA from April 12, 2019, with releases in the United Kingdom and Australia expected to arrive around the same time.

The Toy-Con 04 VR Kit will launch in the USA on 12 April through Nintendo, though there's now no word on when the set will come to other territories.

Switch owners can turn their console into a VR system using a cardboard kit.

The set can be expanded with two expansion sets at $20 a pop.

Six new Toy-Con kits are being introduced: VR Goggles, Blaster, Camera, Elephant, Bird, and Wind Pedal.

Putting the kits aside, the interesting thing here is how Nintendo is approaching the Switch's capabilities for VR.

Why shouldn't I buy third-party Nintendo Labo Kits?

Let me pre-burst any bubbles and clarify that these kits are not meant to convert Switch into a fully featured VR system.

Nintendo's VR headset doesn't require a strap-on to stay affixed.

Interested players can purchase the Nintendo Labo VR Kit starting April 12th.

Nintendo was keen to emphasise the social nature of the gameplay that the Nintendo Labo: VR Kit will bring: "Nintendo Labo: VR Kit encourages passing around Toy-Con creations among a group of people so everyone in the room can easily join in on the fun".

In an update post launch, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe became compatible with the Vehicle Kit allowing for a new way to race.

You might be asking "What IS Nintendo Labo?".

Following the launch of its Labo cardboard accessory kits in early 2018, Japanese gaming giant Nintendo has gradually expanded this range of perforated peripherals to include instruments, robots, and vehicles.

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