Trump Grants Alabama Governor's Request For Expedited Disaster Declaration After Storms

Trump Grants Alabama Governor's Request For Expedited Disaster Declaration After Storms

Trump Grants Alabama Governor's Request For Expedited Disaster Declaration After Storms

"To the families and friends of the victims, and to the injured, God bless you all!"

Earlier, the president stood on a hill overlooking a debris field and surveyed mangled trees and other wreckage.

The tornado was an EF4 packing winds estimated at 170 mph (274 kph) and chewed a path of destruction up to nine-tenths of a mile (1.4 kilometers) wide in Alabama for almost 27 miles (43 kilometers), the National Weather Service said. Mangled metal siding, wood planks and piping lay strewn on the ground, along with the remnants of everyday life: items of clothing, a sofa, a bottle of Lysol cleaner, and a welcome mat encrusted with dirt.

President Trump is visiting storm-stricken Alabama on his way to Florida, where he'll spend the weekend with his family and raise money for his reelection campaign. Kidd says he wants AJ's grieving parents to have the items "for the memory" of the son they lost. Across the street, first responders found the body of 57-year-old Maggie Robinson.

'On our way to visit the great people of Alabama!' she said.

"It's extremely upsetting to me to see these people hurting like this and the families who have lost loved ones", the sheriff said in a Weather Channel report.

At one stop, Mr. Trump signed a Bible at the request of a young boy.

"For her to be the sole survivor of this one house is going to be hard for her", Waldrop said. Twenty-three crosses, one for each of those killed, were set up on a lawn outside.

"This is a marathon, not a sprint", Sowell said. I don't why the hurricane happened [either].

All of those killed in the Sunday storm lived in a roughly one-square mile area of the community of Beauregard in Lee County. He said that means people need to be take action immediately when warnings are issued. A mobile home crushed by two trees marked the end of the path of destruction.

Commenting on the destruction, Trump said: "We saw things that you wouldn't believe".

Sheriff Jay Jones said the disaster response will now shift to recovery following two full days of searching.

Alabama search and rescue teams on Tuesday were combing through the wreckage of houses flatted by weekend tornadoes, looking for seven or eight people still unaccounted for in the wake of the deadliest US twister outbreak since 2013.

The dead included four children and a couple in their 80s, with 10 victims belonging to a single extended family. The search took its toll around Beauregard, an unincorporated area of about 10,000 people near the Georgia line. He was traveling to politically friendly territory for him: Alabama supported Trump by a wide margin in the 2016 presidential election.

The EF-4 tornado left 23 dead, including children, and dozens more missing in the town of Beauregard, making it the deadliest twister in the country since 2013.

In the months after wildfires scorched California, a Democrat-led state that voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, Trump threatened to cut off federal aid unless the state embraced forest management policies he championed.

The president and first lady were greeted by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. The letter was led by U.S. Sen.

The administration at one point considered redirecting disaster aid from places like Puerto Rico and California to pay for the president's long-promised U.S. -Mexico border wall but ultimately chose to target other funding sources.

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