Facebook, Instagram suffer global outage

Facebook, Instagram suffer global outage

Facebook, Instagram suffer global outage

WhatsApp users are reporting issues with the messaging service this evening, after a day of malfunctioning social media apps.

While Facebook and Instagram have been down, many have turned to Twitter to make jokes about the outage.

Facebook continues to work on the issue affecting its family of apps. We expect this to be resolved shortly.

Some users trying to access Facebook were met with a message saying "Facebook will be back soon".

Those on Instagram were not able to refresh feeds or post new material.

First it was Gmail - now Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook aren't working for some people. The company also said it is investigating the issue.

It is showing outages in the United States, Europe, Japan, Manila, Australia and New Zealand.

Other users said the outage was light relief.

More than a third of Facebook users affected by the outage reported that they were experiencing a 'total blackout'.

Downdetector.com, which monitors websites technology issues, showed that Facebook was experiencing issues across a large portion of the US and Europe in addition to several reports from most continents.

According to downdetector.com, which monitors websites, the outages started around 12 p.m. EDT on Wednesday in parts of the USA, including the East and West Coast, parts of Europe and elsewhere.

Or we could just shitpost some more.

Facebook Messenger, while working perfectly fine for some, is down for others.

Unfortunately, there's no way to know when Facebook will solve the problem, and the company may never offer a proper explanation about what caused the outage.

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