United States warns Germany over use of 'untrusted vendors' in 5G network

United States warns Germany over use of 'untrusted vendors' in 5G network

United States warns Germany over use of 'untrusted vendors' in 5G network

An embassy spokesman declined to comment specifically on a Wall Street Journal report about the USA government's first explicit warning to Germany of consequences if China's Huawei Technologies Co gets a role in Germany's next-generation mobile infrastructure.

The newspaper said the US Ambassador to Berlin, Richard Grenell, had sent a letter to German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier warning that in such a case, the US could scale down intelligence and other information exchanges.

Germany's Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy said that it had received the respective letter from the U.S. authorities.

"But he added that the USA position on 5G network security is well known".

The US believes that allowing the Chinese company Huawei to construct and maintain 5G networks will give the Chinese government a backdoor into communications surveillance.

Huawei has denied that it spies for China.

Last week, Huawei filed a lawsuit against the us for restricting its agencies from the use of Huawei products, saying a law signed by President Donald Trump in August 2018 that barred it and fellow Chinese company ZTE from use in government work is unconstitutional.

Zhengfei said he wouldn't harm his customers' interests or his company's prospects.

Reportedly, Huawei has no plans to sue the Australian government, for now.

The U.S. has been openly skeptical of Huawei's independence since at least 2012, when the House Intelligence Committee issued a report criticizing the tech company over its ties to China's communist government (and possibly the military) as well as a lack of transparency.

Germany can forget about getting as much intelligence from USA spooks as it now does if it allows Chinese telecoms to build 5G infrastructure, a letter from the American ambassador in Berlin has reportedly warned.

An official from the German Economic Ministry dismissed the letter from Grenell, saying that it included no new information and reiterating that there was no evidence to support USA claims that Huawei posed a risk.

Along with worries about network security, U.S. prosecutors have charged Huawei and its chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, over alleged Iran sanctions violations, and Beijing and Washington are trying to settle a tariff war affecting a wide range of goods. -China trade talks to resolve ongoing trade disputes. Huawei and ZTE already face restrictions on the American domestic market, while U.S. officials are leaning on other nations to exclude China from the lucrative upgrade of wireless infrastructure to 5G standard.

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