Building collapses in Lagos, many casualties feared

Building collapses in Lagos, many casualties feared

Building collapses in Lagos, many casualties feared

Ambode, the state governor, said his deputy was visiting hospitals and that the government would cover the hospital bills of survivors. "The debris has been cleared".

"For now we don't have any word on casualties as we are still busy with rescue work", he said.

The governor of Lagos state, Akinwunmi Ambode, said the building had been earmarked for demolition and a nursery and primary school was being run illegally on one of its floors.

There will be a full investigation into the incident, he said.

The total number of deaths from the incident remains as yet unknown, but it is sure to be more than eight people now reported by emergency agency officials.

The Lagos emergency management agency said 10 people had been recovered alive since emergency responders arrived, and others beforehand.

"Landlords who convert residential buildings to commercial purposes should be sanctioned".

"We were smoking outside when the building just collapsed", Olamide Nuzbah told AFP in pidgin English.

The bodies of the dead, which reportedly included that of a pregnant woman, were deposited at the General Hospital mortuary.

As rescuers worked furiously to reach those inside, distraught parents begged them to find their children.

Onilenla said: "My friend has seven children also trapped in the rubble".

A source disclosed that buildings in the area would undergo integrity test as they had been marked for demolition and assured that any building that fails the test would be demolished.

Emergency workers attend the scene.

They feared the commotion caused by the crowd would disrupt rescue activities.

Lagos Island is the historic heart of the metropolis, which is home to an estimated 20 million people, and also home to its central business district.

The building was located on the Ita-faji on Lagos Island, the oldest part of the city.

It is characterised by its Afro-Brazilian architecture, a style brought over by thousands of freed slaves who headed back home after decades working the plantations in Brazil.

‍Cases of collapsed buildings often occur in Lagos, Nigeria's economic hub, as some property owners and developers do not adhere strictly to planning and building laws and regulations.

He described the accident as unfortunate and noted that "all is being done by bringing in additional cranes to be able to go deeper than where we are now to rescue more lives".

Building collapses are not uncommon in the country where the administration is lenient in its enforcement of rules. A five-story building in Lagos collapsed that year as well, killing at least 30 people.

There was also an urgent call for wrappers by rescue worker in order to form a tight rope cord in the absence of actual ropes.

Anguished families crowded around the flattened remains of the building holding out hope that more children would still be found alive in the wreckage.

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