Gambino Crime Family Boss Frank Cali Murdered Outside Staten Island Home

Gambino Crime Family Boss Frank Cali Murdered Outside Staten Island Home

Gambino Crime Family Boss Frank Cali Murdered Outside Staten Island Home

Gambino family mobster Francesco "Frank" Cali has been murdered in what local media say is the first major NY gang killing in more than 30 years.

- Frank Cali, the Gambino crime family boss, was shot and killed in Staten Island on March 13, 2019, USA media reported.

Cali, 53, was shot multiple times outside his home shortly after 9 p.m.

And then as a final coup de grace, the crime lord was run over several times.

Business Insider reported in 2013 that Cali had reportedly turned down an offer to head the crime family.

Cali's body was found in an area of Staten Island that has been home to some of New York's most notorious mobsters and their families.

On Wednesday, hours before Cali was killed, the reputed boss and consigliere of the Bonanno crime family were acquitted in a Brooklyn racketeering and extortion case. They remain powerful players in the black market, however, in loan sharking, gambling, prostitution and the drug trade, according to law enforcement.

Witnesses told local media of hearing at least six shots coming from outside, and seeing Cali's family members rushing outside and crying next to his body.

Wednesday night's shooting is reminiscent of the 1985 murder of another Gambino crime boss, Paul Castellano, who was gunned down outside a popular New York City steakhouse in 1985.

A Gambino family memeber has spoken out after the death of Gambino crime boss, Frank Cali, and paid tribute to the man he says all the kids looked up to.

The Gambino family was once among the most powerful criminal organizations in the USA, but federal prosecutions in the 1980s and 1990s sent Gotti and other top leaders to prison, diminishing its reach.

Subsequent media accounts linked the whacking to Gambino capo and future don John Gotti. The Daily Beast noted, "Cali's home is a two-minute drive from where one of his predecessors, late Gambino boss Paul Castellano, lived in an ostentatious mansion dubbed the White House until he was executed outside Sparks Steak House in Manhattan in 1985".

Giovanni Gambino said that the 53-year-old was a constant feature in the NY charity scene and was a "good wise guy".

Last week, Carmine Persico, the 85-year-old former boss of the Colombo organisation, died after serving 33 years of a 139-year prison sentence.

Following Castellano's murder, Gotti headed the Gambino family until his incarceration for conspiracy and murder in 1992.

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