Nissan to end Sunderland production of luxury Infiniti brand

Nissan to end Sunderland production of luxury Infiniti brand

Nissan to end Sunderland production of luxury Infiniti brand

Its been announced that Nissan will stop manufacturing their premium brand Infiniti models at the Sunderland plant later this year.

Workers at Britain's biggest auto plant received more bad news yesterday when Nissan's luxury Infiniti division said that it would halt production in Sunderland within months. Nissan showrooms are expected to honour Infinti aftersales and warranty commitments from early 2020. Nissan says it is working on reallocating the staff within the business.

NISSAN'S sister brand Infiniti is to end production of its cars at the Sunderland vehicle plant and quit Western Europe as part of a global restructuring plan. The company plans to divert its resources to much bigger markets with higher possibilities as they struggle to compete with European brands in the region.

Production at the United Kingdom plant will cease in July, according to the manufacturer.

In the U.S. it plans to focus Infiniti on sports-utility vehicles and in China it plans to launch five new vehicles.

Infiniti said an exit from western Europe will allow it to focus on its initiative to "electrify" a good portion of its product portfolio from 2021 and discontinue diesel offerings.

We mentioned that one of the markets the brand will focus on is the USA; it has work to do there, evidently, as 2019 sales to date for the automaker have dropped by close to 10% in comparison with the same period a year ago. He added that the sales of the company in Western Europe nearly halved past year to 5, 800 vehicles. Unite is confident however that workers on the Infiniti Q30 production line who want to stay with Nissan can be redeployed within the Sunderland plant onto other models.

Once this is complete, the company says it will on ending its agreements with franchised dealers, providing "the support and services necessary to ensure a smooth transition".

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