Let's be open to credible Brexit proposals from Britain: Ireland's Varadkar

Let's be open to credible Brexit proposals from Britain: Ireland's Varadkar

Let's be open to credible Brexit proposals from Britain: Ireland's Varadkar

Mr Varadkar added: "In the unlikely event that we have a no-deal and the United Kingdom were to do trade deals with the U.S. or China and we had chlorinated chicken or hormone beef, or products made by child labour in Asian countries, the last thing we would want is that coming south of the border into the Republic of Ireland".

She said the British Government had obligations under the Good Friday Agreement.

The EU's Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, said Tuesday that the EU was working with Ireland "on a unilateral basis in the event of no deal, to know where we can do these checks", but refused to elaborate further.

A Brexit delay would help Britain but carried "significant risks" for the European Union itself - and would thus need "a strong justification", he said.

Varadkar stressed there was still time for the British prime minister to come to the European council before 10 April with "credible" proposals, and he said the EU should be open to such proposals.

Let me repeat this - our priority is the good functioning of the European Union and single market.

He added: "We will never abandon Ireland or the Irish people, no matter what happens - this solidarity is the very objective of the European project".

"We are preparing for all outcomes, and have prepared intensively for a no deal.

However, there is still time for the prime minister to come to the European Council with proposals - proposals that are credible, and have a clear pathway to success", he said.

Irish Premier Leo Varadkar travelled to Paris to meet with Emmanuel Macron, where he thanked France for its ongoing solidarity with Ireland in the hard Brexit period.

"A long extension, implying the United Kingdom takes part in European elections and European institutions, has nothing easy or automatic about it", Macron said.

Speaking before a meeting with the French President, Leo Varadkar said Theresa May can still come up with a convincing plan.

"I think we need to be open to any proposals that she may bring forward to us".

He said that his government was now in talks with the European Commission regarding the ways on how to achieve both of these objectives. "And we can't avoid failure for the United Kingdom".

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit Dublin on Thursday, as pressure mounts over Parliament's failure to ratify the withdrawal agreement.

In his comments prior to the meeting, Mr Macron said France would never let Ireland down and said he was aware of the difficulties a no-deal Brexit would mean for Ireland.

A special summit of European Union leaders has been scheduled for April 10 to assess the latest twists in the Brexit saga.

He said that the bloc wanted to avoid a "rolling extension".

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