Samsung is launching its first 5G smartphone later this week

Samsung is launching its first 5G smartphone later this week

Samsung is launching its first 5G smartphone later this week

The Galaxy S10 5G has significantly upgraded the smartphone camera with a neural processing unit, known as NPU, to help take ideal shots, as well as six total cameras including a 3D depth camera that accurately provides depth information by measuring the length of time for a light signal to bounce off subjects to enable "bokeh" effects - which blur the background while keeping the subject in sharp focus. As great as all those phones are though, the Galaxy Note 10 may end up being the cream of Samsung's crop in 2019. Unfortunately, this difference also comes with a 500 mAh smaller battery, half the internal storage space, and 2 GB of memory less. The Galaxy S10 5G will be available with Verizon initially and the telco has confirmed that it will roll out its 5G on April 11 in the US. However, these anonymous sources, who are "members of the component industry", couldn't say how much smaller. The South Korean report also mentions that the smaller Galaxy Note might be released only in Europe where there's stronger demand for compact devices.

On top of that, the upcoming Note 10 is rumoured to be button-less. The addition of a Galaxy Note 10e model would indicate that the OEM would have developed a smaller variant which could have other missing or downgraded components compared to the base model, or even the Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung is still the world's largest smartphone manufacturer by volume of shipments. That happens to be the size of the Galaxy S10+'s display.

It is worth noting Samsung has not commented on the accuracy of ETNews' report. Pricing for the United States and other regions hasn't been made official just yet, but it's likely that the phone will be more expensive than the three 4G versions once it reaches North America and other big markets.

If true, such a design decision would surely be controversial amongst Android fans that are familiar with traditional keys.

Instead, it is expected the firm will wait until later this year to discuss the future of its Galaxy Note series.

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