Alexa-Powered Wireless Earbuds in the Works to Rival AirPods

Alexa-Powered Wireless Earbuds in the Works to Rival AirPods

Alexa-Powered Wireless Earbuds in the Works to Rival AirPods

They're truly wireless earbuds designed for sports and equipped with the new Apple-made H1 chip, superior sound quality, as well as an eye-popping nine hours of battery life.

"Powerbeats Pro is a harmonious blend of premium sound, fit and functionality". And the design of the Beats' entry makes it more likely to stay in your ears than AirPods.

It's believed that a thinner OLED screen laminate will allow for extra battery space without adding to the overall thickness of the new handsets. You can tell as soon as you put them on, too.

While AirPods cost from $159 to $199 depending on the charging case you choose, Powerbeats Pro will cost $249.95 when they land this coming May in the U.S. and another twenty countries. They also boast nine hours of standalone playback time and support quick charging via the included Lightning cable. If it can do that in a significant way here, it could both lure would-be AirPods buyers and recruit more users to its Alexa assistant at the expense of Siri.

The mat was meant to charge multiple devices without needing to plug them in and the decision not to proceed will be a blow to the company - especially as Huawei and Samsung have already released products that can charge devices wirelessly. In terms of design, the Powerbeats Pro looks similar to the Powerbeats without the connecting cord. In the latest newsletter for investors this feature has already been implemented in some flagship smartphones Huawei and Samsung, confirmed again. The wireless headphones also pair like AirPods, just by opening the magnetic charging case.

Each AirPod 2 unit is lighter than the Powerbeats Pro. It also doesn't support wireless charging.

Powerbeats Pro act like AirPods, with no power button.

The Powerbeats Pro is available for $249.99. The battery within the case, meanwhile, takes the total potential listening time to around 24 hours. That's on a single charge.

I love the ambition. The Powerbeats Pro will come in four colours: black, white, navy, and moss. Google, on the other hand, has the Google Assistant-powered Pixel Buds, and Apple has AirPods. At that price, they'd better be beyond impressive.

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