Amid complaints of unwanted touching, Biden jokes he got 'permission' to hug

Amid complaints of unwanted touching, Biden jokes he got 'permission' to hug

Amid complaints of unwanted touching, Biden jokes he got 'permission' to hug

A number of women have accused Biden in recent weeks of inappropriate, unwanted touching. According to the essay, Biden behaved inappropriately with Flores during a rally in Las Vegas in 2014 when he "touched her shoulders from behind" and planted a "big slow kiss" at the back of her head.

Dingell said, "I'm from the midwest, and I'm going to tell you--I told you for three years... that President Trump could become president because he listened to people in the midwest, he talked about economic issues, he talked about issues that mattered to working people".

Biden told reporters Friday he "wouldn't be surprised" if other women come forward with allegations he made them uncomfortable, but he noted that he has had "hundreds and hundreds of people contact me who I don't know and you know, say the exact opposite".

Asked why he was waiting to announce his presidential run, Mr. Biden said that, if he was running, it was always his plan to be "the last person to announce".

US President Donald Trump says "people got a kick out of" the video he tweeted mocking Joe Biden.

Trump also said that he did not view Biden "as a threat", adding "I think he's only a threat to himself".

He pledged the concerns would change how he campaigns should he run for president.

"I'll leave that up to the Democrat voters and they can decide", Trump said.

Former Vice President Joe Biden denounced the "sophisticated" and "elitist" attitudes that he believes have overtaken the United States in the past 15-20 years, in a speech delivered to union leaders on Friday.

"By the way, he gave me permission to touch him", the former vice-president said, again to laughter. "My responsibility, and I'll meet it", he said. "So they don't put it on Instagram. And so it's all changed".

"There is no possibility any of those guys making millions of bucks on Wall Street, doing good work wherever they're doing it and doing very well, they could not function without the work you do".

Former VP Biden: "We'll find out whether I can win in a primary". Asked what's the hold up, he responded, "The hold up?"

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