Chinese Woman Arrested at Trump Resort With Malware on Thumb Drive

Chinese Woman Arrested at Trump Resort With Malware on Thumb Drive

Chinese Woman Arrested at Trump Resort With Malware on Thumb Drive

Federal authorities have launched a counterintelligence investigation focused on foreign government influence targeting President Donald Trump's Florida golf club, Mar-a-Lago.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating the issue.

"I saw the story", the president responded.

"But in the criminal complaint, Secret Service agent very explicitly say they spent time with her and talked to her and quote 'she exhibited a detailed knowledge and ability to converse in and understand even subtle nuances of the English language.' So this not speaking English well appears to be a farce", Burnett said.

"I think it's just a fluke situation and I think the person sitting at the front desk did a very good job", Trump said, saying he's been briefed on the incident.

"The end result, it was good", Trump noted while adding, "I think probably we'll see what happened, where she's from, who she is, but the result is they were able to get her, and she is now suffering the consequences of whatever it is she had in mind".

Citing sources familiar with the matter, the paper said a federal counter-intelligence probe was ramped up last weekend when a Chinese woman, Yujing Zhang, was detained after trying to enter the club while carrying multiple cell phones and a thumb drive carrying malware.

The Mar-a-Lago staff initially allowed Zhang to gain access the property, following the first physical screening by agents, the Secret Service claims.

"As the White House Communications Agency and Secret Service coordinate to establish several secure areas at Mar-a-Lago for handling classified information when the President travels there, these potential vulnerabilities have serious national security implications", the lawmakers said.

In fact, Ronald Kessler, an author who has known Trump for years, said there's no more access to the president at the club than if he were in a restaurant.

The letter followed a previous request from Schiff and other top Democrats asking for a new FBI investigation into a Florida woman's apparent ties to Trump, focusing on whether Cindy Yang illegally sought to leverage her relationship with the President by selling access to Chinese clients.

White supremacists pose a "persistent, pervasive" threat, FBI Director Christopher Wray testified Thursday on Capitol Hill.

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