Hard-line aide has Trump's ear as border tactics flounder

Hard-line aide has Trump's ear as border tactics flounder

Hard-line aide has Trump's ear as border tactics flounder

California Gov. Gavin Newsom disproved Trump's claim about lawsuits earlier Friday, leading a coalition of 20 states in filing a motion for preliminary injunction in federal court to stop the Trump administration from using a national emergency declaration to divert government funds for border wall construction.

She will join Trump on a visit to another border town, Calexico, California, on Friday.

"Within two years we will have close to 400 miles built or under construction & keeping our Country SAFE - not easy when the Dems are always fighting to stop you!"

The President's visit comes days after he gave Mexican authorities 12 months to severely limit the flow of illegal immigrants into their country or face new tariffs on produce and automobiles.

Trump has made fighting illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America a key part of his agenda, but shutting down one of the world's most used borders might be a step too far, even for many of his fellow Republicans. The wall - really a huge fence - is 30 feet tall and made of reinforced steel slats which are spaced apart so guards can see through them.

The governor says the president's rhetoric disregards the Constitution, the justice system "and what it means to be an American".

"It's a scam, it's a hoax".

The delays are tying up trucks at the border that usually head back south with a load and then are ready to pick up freight again at factories in the interior of Mexico.

President Trump is also expected to meet with local and federal law enforcement officials to discuss border-related issues.

Immigration experts say Trump's own immigration policies have caused so much chaos along the border that they may be encouraging illegal crossings.

When complaining about the Flores legal settlement that governs treatment of migrant children and families, he blamed "Judge Flores, whoever you may be". But they can't act the way they would under other conditions and there's not a lot they can do, but they've been doing it anyway. Whether it's asylum. Whether it's anything you want.

For a week, the president had repeatedly warned of a potential imminent closure of the border, resulting in an outcry from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle who warned of dire economic consequences from disrupted commerce and travel. Most of the fencing was built during the administration of George W. Bush, and there have been updates and maintenance throughout other administrations.

Trump warned last Friday that he would close the US border with Mexico this week unless Mexico took action to help stop the flow of illegal migrants across the frontier.

The administration has not finished any new sections of a border wall. Plans to replace that fence date back to 2009, during President Barack Obama's tenure.

He's also scheduled to visit Los Angeles.

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