Jon Snow's Brother Had Best Jon Snow Joke In Wedding Speech

Jon Snow's Brother Had Best Jon Snow Joke In Wedding Speech

Jon Snow's Brother Had Best Jon Snow Joke In Wedding Speech

For Harington, that line is, of course, "You know nothing, Jon Snow". It's a small price to pay for playing one of television's most famed characters and even though he absolutely hates those five words, Harington can't escape them... even on his wedding day.

Harington's co-star Maisie Williams made waves just days ago when she apparently let slip a major spoiler for the final season when she told Jimmy Fallon that her character Arya Stark would die in the second episode.

"I hate it when people say it, and my brother managed to get it into the end of my best man speech", he said. "It was quite sweet actually, he said, 'Looking at the woman you're marrying it shows you do know something, Jon Snow, ' which is sweet", Harington told Fallon. The show's chief costume designer Michele Clapton previously revealed that IKEA's LUDDE sheepskin rug has been used throughout the series to protect the Nights Watch and Jon Snow - played by Kit Harington - against the chills of the north, and it's set to feature again in the final series.

That is far too lovely. Turns out, it is. Kit admitted that at his wife and former Game of Thrones actress Rose Leslie's 30th birthday bash, he dressed up as his character Jon Snow because the theme of the costume party was "Bad Taste". However, there's one thing he can't do, apparently, which is wink. "It's like, 'You sad, sad man'". "I hope she'd say that, but they shepherded her and looked after her as much as they could". The episode will not only cast Kit Harington and Leslie Jones but will also echo the music of American singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles.

Game of Thrones returns to Sky Atlantic for it's eighth and final season on Monday, April 15 at 2am and 9pm.

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