6 states under blizzard warnings as residents prepare for April snow storm

6 states under blizzard warnings as residents prepare for April snow storm

6 states under blizzard warnings as residents prepare for April snow storm

The setup for this storm is a classic mix of April ingredients.

Thursday night into Friday some thunderstorms are even possible! Other areas in the state and neighboring areas might see only a few inches.

Thursday: Heavy snow and gusty winds all across western and northern Minnesota.

Another "bomb cyclone" is on the horizon with Winter Storm Wesley targeting the Rockies and parts of the Great Plains. The last bomb cyclone storm resulted in massive and destructive flooding, especially in Nebraska, that many midwesterners are still recovering from.

The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a spring storm watch that quickly turned to a blizzard warning for an area that includes Pipestone County from 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 10 through Friday morning at 7 a.m.

The snowfall is expected to reach around 8-inches for most of the general area in the storm, but the NWS did warn that some isolated areas could experience up to 18 inches or more of snowfall before the end of the storm.

For northern counties, snow will last until much later in the day Thursday when the warmer air finally makes its way on in. Areas of blowing snow could significantly reduce visibility.

The morning will contain fog and drizzle mixed with rain showers across the Denver Metro Area. Rain will turn to snow Wednesday. By Thursday, the system will move to the Upper Midwest and Ohio Valley.

This system will start with rain tonight and tomorrow.

Heavy snow caused so many accidents traffic was at a standstill on I-35 from Medford to Faribault Wednesday. But it's likely that at least a foot of snow will cover parts of South Dakota, northern Nebraska and southwest and central Minnesota, according to predictions. Duluth will only see an inch of snow or less overnight, according to the Weather Service.

Another extraordinary storm is expected to slam Nebraska this week, piling on misery and possibly more flooding, and maybe making its way into the record books.

Blizzard warning stretch across 6 states.

He added the storm is expected to bring blinding, heavy wet snow across the region, likely downing trees and causing widespread power outages, widespread road closures and making driving treacherous.

The NWS advises that travel could be hard or impossible for those in the warning areas on Wednesday and Thursday. There's a storm on the way that's going to remind Midwesterners that winter isn't over until it's over.

Just when you thought spring was here to stay, winter pulled you back in Monday, bringing as much as a foot of snow to parts of Maine.

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