PlayStation Fortnite players can now change their PSN IDs

PlayStation Fortnite players can now change their PSN IDs

PlayStation Fortnite players can now change their PSN IDs

Starting today, PlayStation 4 owners can finally change their online PlayStation Network IDs.

If you're anxious that your online reputation might fade away with your old username, you can choose to have your old ID displayed along with your new one, so that friends might recognise you.

To help your friends find you online after you change your ID, you can opt to display your old Online ID beside your new one in your profile for 30-days.

It's been one of the most highly-requested PSN features for years and now Sony is finally about to make it happen: from today, you'll be able to change your PSN ID.

However, it seems that not every PlayStation 4 game will support this new name change. First, the price: although your first time is free, subsequent changes for non-PlayStation Plus subscribers will run $9.99 apiece, while PlayStation Plus members will pay $3.99.

If you encounter these issues, PlayStation advised that you should revert back to your old Online ID and the problem should be corrected. Enter your Online ID of choice, and follow the prompts to the end. That said, Sony does not guarantee all games fully support the feature.

As it turns out, Sony didn't avoid offering this feature for years just to spite people: Changing your name can lead to complications with individual games, including losing progress and in-game currency in some games. Reverting back to an old name is possible and doesn't cost any money. Also, it seems that some games published after April 2018 don't support this feature, even though they were all supposed to be developed with the feature in mind. Again though, Sony says that this shouldn't be the case with most games.

More details on the feature are available on the PlayStation blog.

You can check out the tested games with critical issues. PS3 And PS Vita games are also incompatible with this feature.

You'll also need to check out your games to make sure they still function properly after making the adjustment.

If anything does happen with PlayStation Fortnite, we will be sure to let you know as soon as we hear. But there are many other popular titles that will have issues.

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